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Localized fat and flaccidity are two very common problems that can be associated with being overweight. In many cases they are the result of unruly lifestyles, but in many others, they originate only through genetic or hereditary issues.

In these two situations we recommend: Vanquish, a non-invasive treatment for localized fat, which uses a patented technique of selective magnetic energy. In this way, it acts only on fat in a totally comfortable and painless way.

The magnetic energy generated allows the hypodermis, the area of ​​the skin where the adipocytes (fat cells) are located, to reach around 44-45 degrees centigrade. It is at this temperature that lipolysis occurs (the process by which the body uses fat for energy) and, therefore, a significant reduction in the amount of body fat.

It has no side effects, no pain, no cuts, no anesthesia and no recovery time. The differences are noticed right after the first session and the number of sessions required will be determined according to the assessment and initial diagnoses.

Treatment Summary:

Session duration time: 45 m each zone

How many sessions: between 6 to 8 (* needs individual evaluation)

Recovery: immediate

Pain / Discomfort / Anesthesia / Cuts: exempt

Results: visible from the first week to 6 months after the first session

Special needs: drink more than 1.5L on the day of treatment and 1 day before. Comply with the nutritionist's instructions.


What does Vanquish consist of?

It is a non-invasive treatment, which through magnetic energy allows a temperature of about 44 to 45 ºC to be reached in the fat cell, promoting its rupture and consequent fat reduction.


What happens to the eliminated fat?

This fat, after reaching the therapeutic temperature, about 44 to 45 ºC, will go into lipolysis and each cell will be emptied and its fat eliminated by the normal means of elimination from the body, without anything else being necessary.


Is Vanquish completely safe?

It is a medical device to treat excess fat, non-invasively, subjected to clinical studies that have proven its effectiveness and safety, hence having the approval of the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).


Who is the FDA?

It is an American public entity that plays a fundamental role as a public health regulator, namely of medical devices, ensuring its safety and safety. Its regulatory role is so strong that it has become a world reference and a disputed seal for any and all medical devices.


What does the FDA say about Vanquish?

The FDA approved the fact that Vanquish, through its magnetic energy, makes it possible for fat cells to reach therapeutic temperature (around 45ºC) without other types of tissues and cells suffering this effect, and also approved its effectiveness in reducing fat. and loss of abdominal girth.


Who can submit to Vanquish?

Anyone who wants to lose unwanted fat who is not pregnant or has a pacemaker. There are also some limitations of a local nature, which must be evaluated during the consultation and the photographed biometric analysis.


Before taking Vanquish, is it necessary to be careful?

No. You will be able to maintain your daily routines without any restrictions. You should only follow two indications:

  1. Food that is based on a healthy diet that reduces several health problems, including cardiovascular diseases, the main cause of death in the world;

  2. Ingesting more water than is usually recommended on the day before and on the day of treatment;


How is Vanquish made?

After conveniently installed (o) on a comfortable couch the application of magnetic energy will be placed over the area to be treated without touching it, acting for about 45 minutes. The energy to be used in the treatment is determined by the device itself depending on its impedance, an individual characteristic. Throughout this process, you are accompanied (o) by a physical therapist who will ensure that the entire process is carried out with complete safety and efficiency.


Do you feel anything during the Vanquish session?

It is totally painless. The only sensation you will have is that of a slight overheating of the skin that is constantly monitored by the physiotherapist.


How many Vanquish sessions are needed?

The ideal number of sessions can vary between 6 and 8. However, when assessing your case in consultation and depending on your data and your goals, you can determine a higher or lower number of sessions. For this reason, it is essential for us to have a correct, individualized and advanced pre-intervention assessment.


What results can I expect from Vanquish and for how long?

The results are practically immediate and can continue to be obtained up to 6 months after the first session as suggested by clinical studies.


How long do Vanquish results last?

As long as you keep your weight under control and stable, the results can be maintained forever.


Is there any treatment similar to Vanquish?

Vanquish is a unique treatment worldwide for the magnetic energy it uses, for the way it calculates the necessary energy to use in each patient, eliminating the error, for not having any type of contact with the body, reducing discomfort for the skin and yet for treating large areas at once.


After taking Vanquish, what precautions should I take?

None in particular. You should follow the instructions of nutritionists and keep your day-to-day and your routines as usual. Vanquish does not require recovery or detoxifying diets.


Does Vanquish have side effects?

No. There was only, in a few cases, a slight redness of the treated area that lasted only a few minutes.

Complementary Treatments 

The Instituto Médico Privado Protocols are always built based on the clients' goals, but also on the best results. The Physiotherapy team always advises that slimming treatments are carried out in a protocol format so that our patient, when treating localized fat, can also treat cellulite and sagging that may appear after weight loss. 
Vanquish can and should be complemented with Acoustic Waves and Exilis.

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