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If weight loss is accompanied by muscle or skin flaccidity, the result on the scale may be as desired, but the disillusionment with the body remains.

The search for balance is fundamental!


To avoid this situation, as unpleasant as it is common, we recommend our Termassons treatment.


It is a treatment of thermal muscle stimulation and ultrasound, effective in cases of muscle and skin flaccidity, various types of cellulite, fluid retention and localized fat.

This treatment has proven itself and works very well by combining 3 techniques:

1. Thermotherapy - through an infrared source, allows the treatment to act at a depth of 2 to 3.5 cm, reaching the desired area, the hypodermis area where the adipocytes (fat storage cells are located) ).

2. Electrostimulation - In this second stage, and after the access to the fat cell is facilitated, there is a mechanical action on the adipose tissue and a stimulation of the body's drainage system, the lymphatic system. It is a very individualized phase, since the device has several types of current with different purposes that are adjustable to each person and the treatment phase in which they are.

3. Ultrasound - It has a power of 1 Mhz, with several levels of intensity, also customizable according to each case, using mechanical and thermal effects. Its resource is an ally in the breakdown of fibrosis at the level of connective tissue, a very important action in ginoid lipodystrophy “cellulite”.

It is for this reason, a very versatile treatment, which gives us total confidence in the results that it will produce in your body according to your goals.

Physical exercise is essential for a healthy lifestyle, however, we are not always able to practice it with the frequency and intensity we would like. Termassons, with its three technologies that complement each other, allows you to simulate intense physical activity with immediate use of fat as an energy source. It equates to a lot of effort in the gym with maximum intensity!



Session duration time: ± 35 minutes

How many sessions: Fundamental to evaluate your case

Pain / Discomfort / Anesthesia / cuts: Exempt

Results: Visible from the first week to the last treatment

Special needs: None



For what cases is Termassons used?

Treats cases of cellulite and skin and muscle flaccidity. It can also be used in cases of localized fat, but mainly in association with Vanquish


What does Termassons consist of?

It combines three technologies: thermotherapy, electrostimulation and ultrasound. With them it is possible that the area of ​​adipose (fat) cells reaches about 45ºC so that the muscle uses fat as a “fuel” in a much faster way, when compared to exercise. Ultrasound is very important in cellulite cases because it allows the treatment to act on the connective tissue, where cellulite is lodged.


How many sessions of Termassons are needed?

The number of sessions and their frequency are, in this treatment, individually adjusted according to the clinical problem, expectations, the evaluation of the first consultation and other individual factors such as physical inactivity, professional life, etc.

Only after rigorous evaluation can the number and frequency of sessions be accurately measured.


Does Termassons have side effects?

No. The only effect that can happen will be a redness in the treated parts that, within minutes after treatment, will disappear.

As well as intense exercise, it can also cause some significant muscle fatigue from an effective work of the muscles in the combustion of body fat.


How long is each session of Termassons?

Each session will take about 35 minutes.


Complementary Treatments 

Complementary treatments to Termassons will always be  decided according to the patient's objective. In a process of loss of sagging, cellulite or even fluid retention, it is important to associate treatments such as Exilis so that the patient can feel better and with visible results more quickly. 

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