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X-Wave is a non-invasive treatment aimed at cases of cellulite, sagging, scars and stretch marks.

This device is characterized by a high-power ultrasound - an acoustic wave - which contributes to the elimination of the main factors that cause an uneven skin surface and leads to a considerable improvement in the state of cellulite and the “orange peel” skin, while improving skin elasticity.

The propagation of acoustic waves allows, through a set of organic chemical reactions, the increase in oxygenation and nutrition of tissues, the decrease in the number of fibroses and the elimination of toxins, making the skin more homogeneous.

This treatment is the most advanced for the elimination of cellulite and, especially, when combined with other techniques depending on the type of cellulite, such as, for example, Termassons, the result can be perfect in combating this drama in the area aesthetics and clinic.



Session duration time: ± 35 minutes

How many sessions: Fundamental to evaluate your case

Pain / Discomfort / Anesthesia / cuts: Exempt

Results: Visible from the first week to the last treatment

Special needs: None



Is the X-Wave treatment painful?

No. Despite being a powerful shockwave technique, it is often reported as a relaxing treatment.


How long does each X-Wave session last?

Each session lasts about 30 minutes.


When do I start to see the results of the X-Wave treatment?

The results start to be visible immediately, although they are more noticeable after the 2nd to the 3rd session.


How many X-Wave sessions do I need and how many times a week?

The generic recommendation indicates between 6 to 8 sessions. However, depending on each case, the type of cellulite, the amount of weight to lose, the need for more or less sessions, more or less times weekly is evaluated and indicated after the first consultation and the analysis of the photographic and biometric data.


Complementary treatments at Termassons will always decided according to the objective of the patient. In a process of loss of flaccidity, cellulite or even fluid retention, it is important to associate treatments such as Exilis so that the patient can feel better and with visible results more quickly. 

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