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Treatments at the Instituto Médico Privado

At Instituto Médico Privado, our patients are the priority, as are their goals. With a specialized team, the first step is a complete assessment, which is carried out by our Physiotherapists, before moving on to any treatment.

After this stage, our team defines a plan with the appropriate treatments and the number of sessions needed to achieve the objectives outlined.

We offer treatments in the following areas:

  • Non-Invasive and Invasive Aesthetic Medicine;

  • Massages;

  • Drainage;

  • Laser hair removal.

Our treatments are totally suitable for both the body and the face. 

The Instituto Médico Privado is based on the constant improvement of its services, innovation and the search for new solutions to help those who come to us achieve their goals. It is from this way of being and working that the IMP team has created an exclusive treatment in Portugal: OneLipo.

In just one session, OneLipo combines three technologies that help to lose localized fat, which is eliminated in the form of energy in the following weeks, as the body will need this energy source to compensate for the deficit produced by the diet plan. The treatment is carried out completely safely, without cuts, anesthesia or rest periods.

Make an appointment with us and visit us!

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