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At Instituto Médico Privado, Psychology Consultations are an integral part of various protocols, including weight loss programs. In these cases, psychological support becomes a cornerstone for patients as they navigate their way to better health. It provides the guidance and assistance needed to adapt to new lifestyles and eating habits. 


Recognizing a patient's emotional dimension is essential, especially during transformative journeys that involve changing habits and body image. Emotions are closely linked to eating behaviors, often leading to emotional eating. Psychological support becomes a vital resource for addressing these emotional triggers and promoting a balanced approach to nutrition and well-being. 

A patient's emotional well-being is fundamental in the processes of habit transformation and body remodeling. Sometimes emotions can trigger behaviors such as emotional eating. A personalized psychological support system is key to addressing these triggers and cultivating a healthier relationship with food and emotions.

Start your journey towards emotional well-being.

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