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The Instituto Médico Privado has created a new slimming and weight loss treatment that destroys the membrane of fat cells.

ONELIPO - three technologies combined, done only in a single session.

The treatment includes focused ultrasound, thermal muscle stimulation and selective electromagnetic energy, in the areas of the body where it accumulates more localized fat, allowing with a single intervention, the rupture of a record number of adipocytes, in a non-invasive way, which leads to a loss of volume of up to 25cm per zone.

Fat is eliminated, in the form of energy, in the following weeks, since the body will need this energy source to compensate for the deficit produced by the diet plan. In this way, there is no overload of the elimination pathways as can happen with other methods of fat loss.

The treatment is done in a totally safe way, without cuts, without anesthesia or rest periods. You can do anything you want in the minute after treatment!

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