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Augmentation Mammoplasty


It is a breast augmentation using silicone implants, which can be placed through the breast crease or through the armpit.  

Reduction mammaplasty


It is a breast reduction for cases where there is discomfort in carrying out day-to-day activities, neck pain or for aesthetic reasons. In addition to reducing the volume, the surgery also allows you to give the breast a beautiful shape and correct positioning.  



Surgery to lift and reshape the breast when there is no need to increase or decrease the volume. It is possible to perform the surgery and only have a scar around the areola, with or without a vertical scar, depending on the degree of breast sagging.  



Surgical procedure for the removal of one or both breasts which, in most cases, is indicated for people with cancer. Depending on the severity of the cancer and how the breast tissue is compromised, mastectomy can take two forms:

  • Partial – when only part of the breast tissue is removed;

  • Total – when the breast is removed completely.



Surgical procedure that corrects the excess of the male breast, derived from a disorder in men characterized by the enlargement of the breasts due to excess tissue, a hormonal imbalance, obesity or even the use of medication.

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