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Surgery to remove wrinkled, drooping skin from the upper or lower eyelids or to correctly position the eyelids. It diminishes the tired and aged appearance.


Face Lipofilling


Surgical procedure that consists of the infiltration of fat from the body itself in areas of the face with lack of volume. In addition to the filling effect, fat has regenerating properties that improve the quality and texture of the skin.  




It is a surgery aimed at the aesthetic and/or functional correction of the nose. In this procedure, the external part of the nose is corrected, without ever neglecting the functional part of the nose.  




It is a surgical procedure that aims to eliminate or correct the abnormal contour of the ears - prominent or detached, giving a different harmonization to the face. This surgery can also be indicated for situations of malformation at birth or deformities after accidents.


Face Lift


Surgery that aims to reduce the consequences of aging, such as wrinkles on the face and neck, reduce sagging skin or even remove excess fat, giving a younger and more beautiful appearance.  



Cervical Lifting  


Surgical procedure that consists of treating the double chin. It can be performed alone or in combination with a facelift in order to rejuvenate the neck area.  

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